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Big Help Out

Dear Parents and Carers

This week the pupils at Parkside are taking part in the ‘Big Help Out’ and doing some volunteering at school as part of the King’s coronation celebrations.  Your child’s class teacher will give you more information on this during the week. 

On Friday, your child can come to school dressed in their choice of ‘posh or sparkly’ clothes, red, white or blue or their own school clothes.  We will have a small picnic with cakes on the playground on Friday afternoon for staff and pupils.  We are asking pupils to bring in a picnic blanket and if possible, some cakes to share, with ingredients clearly listed.  If your child does not bring in a cake we will ensure they still have one given to them.

The following Monday – 8th May – will be another bank holiday and so the school will be closed.

Kind regards

Carolyn Ellis-Gage    (pronouns she/her)

Head Teacher

The Parkside School

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