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Creative Arts

We believe Creative Arts is for everyone. It builds confidence, a broader understanding of the world and a chance to express ourselves.

Creative Arts at Parkside aims to develop an understanding of other artists, musicians and designers from a range of places and times.

Creative Arts allow students to express themselves and share their thoughts and ideas.

Creative Arts are playful and joyful. They encourage independent thought and team work and imagination.

Creative Arts develops fine motor skills, expressive making, emotive responses and artistic techniques.

Creative Arts support children’s future wellbeing, self awareness and the chance to develop both a methodical and an expressive approach to tasks that could be applied to future experiences.

Creative Arts at Parkside will  teach children the knowledge of audio/visual language, the skills of application and the choice of personal expression.
How will we deliver this at Parkside?

  • Creative arts opportunities woven through the whole curriculum supported by the creative arts team. Students are given opportunities to express themselves.
  • Weekly art challenges designed with inclusion in mind. A combination of fine motor skills and exploration of a variety of artists.
  • Weely Art & Design lessons planned and differentiated by a specialist.
  • Creative arts Padlets offering home learning opportunities for students to develop their skills and explore.
  • Use of drama tools in lessons across to curriculum to promote speaking , listening and understanding.
  • Physical theatre games and opportunities used in topic lessons to promote gross motor skills and emotional literacy.
  • Weekly music lessons where instruments and music from around the world are explored.
  • Opportunities to workshop with outside creative arts groups to broaden experiences and skills.
  • Small group music lessons to support skill development and social communication skills.
  • Opportunities to visit and experience different jobs/ performances within the creative arts industry.
  • Working with and exploring local arts venues and companies.
What is our expected impact?

  • Students will gain experiences of different cultures and art forms broadening their knowledge of the world around them.

  • Enhanced quality first teaching with the inclusion of Arts throughout the curriculum.

  • Development of fine and gross motor skills in a fun and engaging way.

  • Students will be able to express themselves through Dance, Drama, Music and Art & design across the curriculum.

  • Promotion of wellbeing and a personal expression linked to the development of emotional literacy.

  • More opportunities to support language development and social skills interaction.

  • Consistent development of skills that can be applied to other areas of life beyond Parkside.

  • Exposure to different ways our students could use their arts skills as a career.

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