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Global Studies

The Global Studies lesson incorporates everyday aspects of pupil’s lives at Parkside School. Global Studies informs them about the physical world around them (Geography), events which have changed our lives (History) and key moments which make us who we are today, celebrating our similarities and differences (RE and Multiculturalism).
  • As of September 2021, History, Geography, RE and Multiculturalism will be taught as one area, with each half-term focusing on one subject with the other two embedded in it. The focal subject will change each half-term allowing all subjects the equal opportunity to shine throughout the year.
  • The method of teaching History, Geography, Religious Education and Multiculturalism will allow the pupils a fuller, real world understanding.
  • In Primary, Global Studies will be taught as part of the cross-curricular approach. Embedding the learning through all subjects rather than in a standalone designated time slot.
  • In Middle School, Global Studies will be taught as a discrete subject but will be linked to the topic covered that half term to ensure that the learning is meaningful.
  • Global Studies will be taught using a cross curricular way of teaching, with opportunities to explore the subject through Art, PSHE, English, PE and Food Technology.
Following the intent and implementation of Global Studies at Parkside School, you will see:

  • Pupils throughout the school will be engaged with their learning.
  • Pupils will have access to a high quality range of concrete resources to support their learning of different eras, locations and beliefs.
  • Learning will be tracked through the use of the Global Studies Parkside STEPS, which will, in turn, be used to support meaningful and high quality planning.
  • Pupils with the confidence, acceptance and a positive attitude to interact with people with different cultural and religious backgrounds from their own.

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