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Mathematics is a very important part of everyday life, from reading the time to catching the correct bus number into the city. Therefore, with this in mind, the purpose of Mathematics at The Parkside School is to equip our pupils with the correct skills and knowledge of Mathematics to manage independently in everyday life. We want to teach the pupils to solve problems by thinking logically and systematically whilst also using reason. The Parkside School strives to embed a love and thirst for Mathematics in our pupils through appropriate challenge, hands on experiences and investigation. New Mathematical concepts are introduced and taught using the ‘Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract’ approach (CPA approach). This approach allows the pupils to have a hands on experience during their learning, which develops the understanding of a new concept.
  • Mathematics is taught as a discrete subject in each class four times weekly.
  • Mathematic skills are also taught continuously throughout the curriculum everyday (e.g. time, date, number etc).
  • All classes have access to a range of resources to help support teaching and learning (using the CPA approach).
  • The pupils are taught through targeted differentiated groups/1-1 work and mixed ability whole class lessons.
  • Teachers ensure Mathematical concepts have been understood and embedded by revisiting concepts continuously throughout the academic year and ensuring any misconceptions are addressed.
  • The year 9,10,11s at The Parkside School are taught in line with the Functional Skills curriculum (Entry 1 to Level 2).
Due to our intent and implementation of Maths at The Parkside School you will see:

  • Pupils who are engaged in their learning.
  • Lessons that use a variety of different concrete resources to support teaching and learning.
  • A variety of different representations of the same Mathematical concept.
  • Learning which is tracked and has a direct impact on planning and teaching.
  • Year 11 pupils who leave The Parkside School with Mathematic qualifications.
  • Pupils who understand and can describe their learning.

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