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PE & Health

The end goal is to create an environment where every pupil can achieve in order to improve their health in a social, mental and physical capacity. This should then equip them with the skills needed to continue a healthy lifestyle outside of School where they can make informed choices.

Physical development to include proprioception and vestibular sensory development in lower school and static classes. Also to include personal hygiene, control of movement in various ways and an understanding of how to keep healthy.

Social and Emotional development that includes teamwork, independence, competition, leadership, fair play and respect.

Opportunities for pupils to develop sporting links outside of school as participate in intra-school and inter-school competition and festivals

Physical Development

All pupils have the opportunity to do Sensory Circuits.

All pupils will learn how to prepare and cook healthy snacks and meals in Food Technology.

Primary School pupils to have 1 PE lesson per week and 1 swimming lesson per week. Pupils will learn to change independently. They will also have the opportunity to go Horse riding once per week for part of the year as well as develop their fine motor skills during Incredibles time.

Secondary pupils to have 1 PE lesson per week and the opportunity to engage in 1 x block of swimming during the year. Pupils will learn to shower independently.

There is a 2 year rolling curriculum that includes sports from 8 different categories such as team invasion games, striking and fielding, gymnastics etc. These are all led by a qualified PE Teacher in order to create a broad and balanced curriculum offer.

Move around classes will participate in more competitive sports where rules are more closely followed and skills are broken down to develop technique to a higher level.

Static classes will follow rules more loosely, focussing on concepts which allow technique to develop in a more inclusive way.  There will also be a greater focus on sensory development than the move around classes, although this is a running theme with all classes.

Social and Emotional Health

Primary School:

Lessons to include sensory teaching and to develop co-operation, fair play, following instructions and working in small groups.

Secondary School:

Lessons to include teamwork within games, leadership (warm-ups, dance routines and captains), respect, dealing with challenging scenarios i.e winning and losing.


• Every pupil to represent the School in a sporting event off School site.
• Pupils to have the opportunity to engage in competitive sport through intra-school and inter-school competitions and festivals.
• We will provide opportunities for pupils to experience clubs as well as equipping them with the tools to access and enjoy these.
• I would like every pupil to continue an active lifestyle outside of school through joining a club:

- Outside sports providers to come in and deliver clubs for pupils.
- Information given to parents/carers about inclusive sporting opportunities in Norfolk.
  • Pupils will leave with the physical skills and understanding of sporting concepts that will allow them to access sport outside of School.
  • Pupils to be able to independently change and take care of their personal hygiene.
  • Pupils to be able to work with others as well as on their own.
  • Pupils to make healthy choices regarding their food and activities.

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