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The school recognises that homework is a valuable element of the school curriculum and can be an important means to raise a pupil’s self-esteem, as well as supporting work done in the classroom.

However, it is not appropriate to overload pupils with a very rigid and strict policy of homework as this can be counter productive.

Frequency and content

The school believes it is reasonable to expect that all children have literacy and numeracy homework each week.

The School recognises that homework may take many forms and may include reading, written work, observations, research and practice of other skills as appropriate.

The English Department consider that reading regularly is an essential part of building literacy skills.

At the beginning of the academic year, each pupil is given a bookmark and a reading record which we expect them to take care of.  Pupils are awarded with stickers, certificates and prizes when they have completed their bookmarks.

The expectation of regular reading will differ between each pupil, but at least three times a week for five minutes should be encouraged.

Non-core subjects

In foundation and other non-core subjects homework may be set at the discretion of the teacher or upon request from the child or parents, as long as the level and frequency of the work does not place an unrealistic burden on the pupil.

The School recognises that there will be occasions when more than one piece of homework will need to be set for a group in a particular subject.

Role of Parents

The School views the support of parents as very important to the effective use of homework.  All parents will be acquainted with the School’s homework policy .

Monitoring and Communication

Each class/subject teacher will be responsible for monitoring their pupils’ homework.  The class/subject teacher will be responsible for liaison with parents on matters relating to homework.  Each pupil will have a bag to carry their homework in, which is normally left with the class form teacher whilst in school.


This policy is evaluated each year by using parent views from Annual reviews and comments in home/school books, diaries and parental consultation evenings.


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