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The White Lion Café

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17 White Lion Street, Norwich, NR2 1PX – Telephone 01603 626213

White Lion Cafe is a community project run by Parkside School and Sixth Form.  It was started in order to give young people with additional needs the opportunity to gain valuable work and life skills in a supported city centre environment.

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Our young people develop their language and communication skills by learning how to serve our customers in a polite, respectful and friendly way.

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They learn about food hygiene and how to work in a safe and professional way. We are proud of our 5 star rating.  They help our chef and barista to prepare food and drinks to a high standard.

They learn how to keep the cafe clean and tidy, so that it is an inviting place for customers to come and enjoy a coffee and a snack, or light lunch.

They go out to buy fresh ingredients daily, so that they are of the best quality.  In this way they learn money skills and develop their independence.

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All of our Upper School and 6th form students gain an opportunity to work in the café for a morning or afternoon session each week.  Many parents report that this experience has had a huge impact on their self-confidence and social and independence skills.

You can view our Menu here:

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