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At Parkside we are committed to a policy of inclusive education that is not just restricted to issues of placements but which involves the whole school community. This means that:

  • We are dedicated to responding to individual pupil needs by providing a high quality appropriate learning experience; and
  • We are committed to working with pupils, their parents/carers and other professionals involved with the child in order to provide the best possible opportunities.

As part of this Inclusion Initiative we aim to:

  • Provide pupils with opportunities for mainstream experiences where appropriate and, subject to review procedures, proactively consider the possibility of a full time transition to a mainstream school;
  • Further develop our partnership with parents and carers;
  • Work alongside mainstream colleagues to develop more flexible approaches to meeting the needs of all pupils, whether mainstream or special. In some cases providing opportunities for mainstream pupils/groups to join with our pupils and in other cases for our pupils/groups to attend the mainstream school for an identified activity;
  • Work with the Local Authority and other professionals to support mainstream schools with practical advice to meet the needs of their pupils.

“Inclusion is the process of taking necessary steps to ensure that every young person is given an equality of opportunity to develop socially, to learn and to enjoy community life”

(Norfolk Local Offer)

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