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Vision Statement 2017-2020

Our Aim is:

To provide a learning environment with outstanding teaching, support and pastoral care.  We will empower all students to have the skills necessary to become valued members of society who will not be afraid to try new experiences, or feel limited by their particular needs and who will aspire to achieve their best.

To realise our aims we will complete the following over the next 3 years:

  • We will look at the Governance of Parkside School, investigating the possibility of developing or joining a Multi-Academy Trust, which has a full inclusive ethos.  We will analyse the support the school needs over the coming years and rationalise the Governance structure in order to support the Senior Leadership Team, and challenge when necessary.  We will look to recruit high quality Trustees and Governors to achieve the best outcomes for the school.


  • We will restructure our Senior Leadership Team to achieve a greater emphasis and focus on the Learning and Progress of students across the school.  We will call leaders to account for the students in their care or those for whom they have curriculum responsibility.  They will report directly to Governors when required and be challenged by the Head Teacher and Deputy Heads to achieve the best outcomes for all students.


  • To achieve outstanding teaching in all areas of the school we will monitor delivery closely by senior leaders ensuring that all teachers are seen at least 3 times per year.  We will also encourage and support peer monitoring by allowing observation of lessons directly by colleagues and using recorded lessons to analyse good practice.  We will offer high quality training and development to all staff who lead lessons within the school and ensure that this is based on the latest educational research and practices.  We will use a comprehensive appraisal system to develop staff and achieve the targets stated in our Vision Statement and School Improvement and Development Plan.


  • To inform the teaching and maximise the learning opportunities of all students, we will improve the available data and tracking across the school.  We will introduce a new assessment system for monitoring curriculum progress and also have a detailed system for tracking the wider outcomes of student development as they progress through the school.  In this way we will be able to act quickly when there is identified under-achievement and focus support and resources more appropriately.  We will ensure that interventions are both targeted, time limited and based on credible research.


  • To achieve outstanding Support and Pastoral Care we will have key workers available for every student.  We will ensure that Education, Health and Care Plans are of the highest standard and they are fully implemented within the school.  We will have an emphasis on the Emotional Well Being of all students and give support when necessary by training existing staff and commissioning extra support from specialists.  We will have a particular focus on the internet and staying safe whilst working on-line.


  • We will continue to look to improve our site to meet the needs of a more complex group of students.  This will require upgrading areas and ensuring that ‘best and effective use’ is at the centre of any decisions taken.  We will ensure that all off-site provision including Pathways, White Lion Cafe and Recreation Road Sports Centre is run both efficiently and effectively for the use of Parkside Students.  We will also work with partners to ensure the best use of each of these spaces.


  • Parkside Community Trust will continue to support the development of further provision for young people with Special and Additional Needs.  It will ensure that The Wherry School is supported in it’s opening and consolidation over the next three years.  It will support Trust Norfolk SEN and ensure that Parkside School plays an active role in supporting the work of this Trust.


  • Parkside School will continue to play an active role in supporting students with Special Educational Needs in mainstream education.  It will do this by being a Specialist Partner for Specialist Resource Bases (SRBs) and work with the S2S programme that is managed by Trust Norfolk SEN.  We will ensure that Parkside School staff have the skills to do this outreach work and give the best support to mainstream schools.

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