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Vision Statement 2022 – 2025




Our students will leave The Parkside School empowered and enabled to be happy, confident, valued and active members of their community. They will have an improved ability to communicate and self-regulate leading to greater independence where they will not feel limited by their particular needs and aspire to try new experiences.


  • All students are treated with unconditional positive regard and have the freedom to express themselves as an individual and be respected in doing so.
  • All students have a highly personalised route to achieve their potential academically, socially and emotionally according to their needs.
  • To develop outstanding Pastoral Support for all our students through the consistent use of nurture principles, the development of the SEMH and Nurture Team and fostering a whole school culture of teaching and understanding behaviour. 
  • To develop links with communities through sports, leisure and work experiences so that students have a secure base within their own local community when they leave Parkside.
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