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Parkside is proud of the positive impact it has on its children and young people and believes it has a moral purpose to share this good practice.

Specialist Resource Bases (SRBs) and Specialist Hubs for Inclusive Practice (SHIPs)

The local authority commissions Parkside as a Specialist Partner to five Specialist Resource Bases, the Dyslexia Outreach service (DOS) and four of the new support bases for complex learners within the mainstream schools (SHIPS). Parkside supports the staff in these mainstream schools with their specialist SEN knowledge and practice, creating a network of support, providing training and oversight of their teaching and learning. Please see norfolk.gov.uk/article/40765/Learning-and-Cognition-LCN-bases for more information.

School to School support

We provide support to 22 mainstream SEND pupil referrals through school-to-school support. Mainstream Schools can request support for individual SEN pupils and Parkside will support them with plans, training and moral support. Schools can come and see the practice in place at Parkside as well as having visits into their own school.

Please see s2ssupport.co.uk for more information

Training Courses

Parkside also provides SEND training to Norfolk mainstream schools in association with VNET, an education based social enterprise, with senior staff providing SEND training on this programme. vnetcic.com

University and College Links

In addition, Parkside has links with the local university as our headteacher is on the Primary Partnership Management Committee to support Governance for the PGCE programme at the Univeristy of East Anglia (UEA). Senior staff frequently support thier PGCE programmes with their SEND training through lectures, seminars and in school support. Parkside support local trainees in Occupational Therapy, Paediatric Nursing, Learning Disabilities Nursing and Health and Social Care Employees though taking them on placements as well as trainee tachers through PGCE/SCITT and our own Apprentice Teacher scheme alongside City College Norwich.

Leading Practice across the county

Parkside works hard to keep its knowledge and training up to date with best practice. The Senior Leader for wider curriculum is also the Norfolk Youth Sports Trust SEN advisor, the Senior Leader for Sensory Department runs the SEN specific ECT Programme at the UEA and trains teachers in the Engagement Model for the Local Authority.

Talk for Writing Showcase School

Parkside is proud to be a showcase school for Talk for Writing. We have worked in partnership with the Talk for Writing Team and developed an SEN specific version of talk for writing. If you are interested in finding out more, please take a look at this link – talk4writing.com/train-with-us/parkside.