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Aims and Values

The characteristic spirit and ethos of Parkside school is one where all pupils and staff have the right to Learn, Grow and Thrive both at school and out in the wider world.

Our Values

The Governors, Head of School and Staff see as their duty the embedding of the following at Parkside School.

  1. To maintain and develop in pupils lively enquiring minds; to promote the ability to question and argue rationally; to encourage pupils to apply themselves to a range of tasks and skills.
  2. To emphasise the importance of language, number, independence and emotional literacy and to develop competence in them.
  3. To foster attitudes which will instill self-confidence in pupils, create in them a sense of personal excellence and help them to acquire knowledge and skills relevant to life and work in a fast-changing world.
  4. To help pupils to develop perspective, spiritual and moral values, and an understanding and tolerance of the religions, beliefs and lifestyles of others.
  5. To help pupils to understand the world in which they live and the interdependence of individuals, groups and nations.
  6. To develop in pupils high aspirations of their abilities.
  7. To develop the necessary attitudes, patterns of organisation and curriculum adaptations required to introduce approaches which address each pupil’s specific learning needs.